Complete dentures are made in the case of patients who have lost all their teeth.


As we are all aware, the key to a beautiful smile is healthy teeth. Not only can it be aesthetically bothersome to have missing teeth, it is also detrimental to one’s oral health. Therefore, taking the step to replace missing teeth is an important and wise decision. When one loses teeth, the empty spaces as well as the remaining teeth are at risk because those still present may change their position by slowly drifting to the surrounding empty space. Once this happens, oral tissue can become damaged by the presence of the drifted teeth. Furthermore, the remaining teeth can become crooked, making it more difficult to properly clean them. This could lead to problems such as tooth decay and diseases related to the gum (periodontal). Unfortunately, these issues can then lead to the loss of yet more teeth.

Obtaining removable partial dentures will allow for the filling of empty spaces, leaving you with a beautiful smile. And of course, you may once again chew food properly. In the case of some individuals, and depending on the number of teeth missing and their position, proper speech can also be impaired to a certain degree and there may be lack of proper support of facial tissue. The presence of dentures may also improve speech ability and provide this lacking support, thus recovering the normal position of cheeks and lips.

Removable partial dentures normally consist of prosthetic teeth attached to a pink/gum-colour base. They can be attached to your own teeth by the snapping on of metal clasps associated with them.


The advantage of using vitallium is its characteristic of being not only more durable and stronger but also much lighter than any other material used for dentures. These elements provide the advantage of being more comfortable for the patient.


Many are not aware of the severity of teeth grinding during sleep. Not only can it disturb your own sleep, it may also do so for a companion and can lead to oral health issues. Although there are various methods for treating such an issue, night guards are the easiest and in some cases the most effective solution.

These guards are bite pads that are perfectly shaped to the form of your teeth. Using them prevents the grinding of the upper teeth with the lower ones.

If you think you grind your teeth at night, seriously consider obtaining night guards, as this is an important health condition that should not be overlooked.


If dentures require a repair, it may be a sign of underlying problems such as the period for which they have been used, the wearing of natural teeth or a poor fit. Do not hesitate to contact me so we can fix any issues as soon as possible.

In most cases, I can repair an existing broken or cracked denture to its original state so that you are not required to buy a new set; although this of course depends on the severity of the damage and can alter case to case. Furthermore, there is no guarantee for repairs. 

I can perform most repairs in one day so do not wait to consult me with any issues; the longer you wait, the more you increase the risk of greater damage.


Even the best-quality dentures can require repair. The material they’re made from will erode with time and normal usage. It is even possible for the denture to be fractured, especially for appliances that have been worn and used for years. The longer a denture is worn, the greater are the chances for it to break and require a repair. Also, keep in mind that your oral condition, your gum shape, etc. change throughout the years; which is why it is recommended to visit your denturologist every three years and adjust the denture according to any changes.

It has been shown that the most common cause of fractures is usually poor fit. As you chew and bite with your denture, you apply a force that can lead to micro fractures in the material. If the upper and lower pieces don’t align well, for example, you risk putting too much pressure on one area as opposed to having the pressure spread evenly throughout the entire appliance. Eventually a large break can occur, which may reveal a crack or completely split the complete or partial denture into two pieces or more.

Your denture might also break due to an impact fracture, caused by dropping the appliance or by biting into something very hard. In such a case, this can break the denture at any point in the appliance, which means the teeth or the acrylic that represents your gum line.

Although metal clasps of partial dentures are quite sturdy, they too can suffer damage, and a partial with such clasps should not be put back in your mouth until it has been fixed.

Luckily, dentures are made from materials allowing for denture repair. In most cases, the complete or partial denture can be repaired. However, it is possible for an appliance to be broken beyond repair; in such a case, you will need to get a new denture.

Repairs can be done anywhere from 1 hour to 48 hours depending on the gravity of the situation and time availability on a certain day. If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call and we will do our best to get your appliance back in good shape as soon as possible. Please note that repairs for metal dentures can take longer or may not be possible depending on the type of damage.


Rebasing is a procedure that usually needs to be preformed when the prosthetic teeth are still in good condition but the material of the base is not. The old material is replaced by new material while keeping the prosthetic teeth, thus providing stable and more comfortable dentures once again.


Dentures can lose their proper fit due to issues such as bone loss in the mouth or gum reduction (shrinking), which occurs as oral tissue changes. Relining is a more economical alternative to obtaining a new set of dentures. This procedure consists of simply resurfacing the interior part of the dentures so as to give a better fit with the condition of the gum at the time. With such a procedure, as only the inside portion is being changed, the appearance of your dentures will change by no means.